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Polyester Laundry Bags

Polyester Laundry Bags


LaundryBags.COM has a wide variety of polyester bags in different sizes and colors. Made from 100% polyester, our bags are strong and durable enough for use in a commercial setting while also being perfect for daily individual use. We currently carry three sizes, 22" x 28", 24" x 36" and 30" x 40".  The bags are all machine washable and can be machine dried as well.

Premium Polyester Bags - Made of 420 Denier 100% polyester, they are made from a heavier gauge material for those that need the extra strength in their bags.

22" x 28" Polyester Bags - Comes with 2 metal grommets for hanging. These are also called counter bags, used by laundromats and cleaners.

24" x 36" Polyester Bags - These are our mid-sized bags. Comes in a variety of colors.

30" x 40" Polyester Bags - These can carry a lot of laundry. Choose between regular drawstring and drawstring with carry strap