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  1. Can anyone purchase your products? Yes - Our products can be purchased by ANYONE - individuals, facilities, governmental organizations, non-profits, etc...
  2. Do you have a mail order form?  Yes - Mail Order Form
  3. If I want to buy larger amounts of products (pallet quantities) can I get a price break? Yes - On large orders call us and we can provide better pricing.
  4. Why are your prices lower then most other websites for similar items? We purchase in large volumes and get quantity discounts.  We pass the savings on to you by selling the items at a lower price.  We also import many of the items directly from overseas. 
  5. Do you have dealer pricing? No.  If you want to purchase our other products for resale buy them in Quantity and sell them in smaller quantities.  Call us for discounts on pallet size orders.
  6. How are mesh net laundry bags used in washing delicate clothing?
  7. How are mesh net laundry bags used in institutional washing machines and facilities?
  8. Do mesh net bags make good ball storage containers?
  9. Sale Tax applies on orders shipped to Minnesota.  Other states check your "use tax" laws.